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Patternicity launch photos

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the launch of Patternicity last week. I had a blast, and was honoured to share the stage with Jay MillAr and Jenny Sampirisi. Here are a few belated photos from the event:


Photos 1, 2 and 5 by Julie Cameron Gray

Photos 3 and 4 by Melanie Audette 

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Call: Glossas for P. K. Page Anthology

A call for submissions from Jesse Ferguson:

Who/how: Canadian poets are invited to send up to three glosas in either .doc or .rtf format attachments to the following email address: Please include a brief (50-100 word) biography and full contact details in the attached file, as well as in the body of the email. 

What: Unpublished glosas will be given preference, though published ones will be considered. In the case of published work, please include copyright information, as well as a statement of permission to reprint the glosa. As for subject matter, the glosas need not incorporate lines from Page’s poetry or explicitly address her legacy. Ideally, the finished anthology would contain a diversity of subject matter, including poems that directly engage Page and her work but also poems on unrelated subjects. Experimentation with the form is also acceptable, but glosas that are recognizable as such will be given preference.

Payment: Contributors will receive one copy of the published anthology.

Deadline: Canada Day 2010. Only poets whose work is accepted will be notified.

Questions can be directed to me at, but please forward the poems to

Glosa form: (Adapted from In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry, eds. Kate Braid and Sandy Shreve, 2005). Stanzas: an opening quatrain from another poet, plus four 10-line stanzas. Metre: no set metre or syllable count [though often approximating the form of the source poem]. Rhyme: lines 6, 9 and 10 of each of the four stanzas are end-rhymed. Repetition: each line of the opening (source) quatrain reappears once, in order, to close each of the other four stanzas (i.e. line 1 of the quatrain is also line 10 of the first stanza, and so on).

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Pattern Recognition: A Night[wood] of Poetry

You are cordially invited to launch of my second collection of poetry, Patternicity, on Tuesday, May 18 at The Piston (7 pm). Official blurb below:

Jay MillAr and Jim Johnstone launch two new Nightwood titles that restitch the seems of poetic pattern, in language, in form and in relation to their previous works.

Jay MillAr’s poetry resists classification. This book, being a collection of Other Poems, is an assemblage of seemingly disparate materials—the poems are of various lengths, subjects and origins and were composed over the past ten years of this prolific author’s life. Reading this book is likened to finding a box of photographs in a thrift store; here lies a miscellany of meaning that offers an intimate view of MillAr’s “direct manner of spoken mind.”

Jim Johnstone’s Patternicity contains a suite of poems that won a 2008 CBC Literary Award and follows the author’s debut book of poems, The Velocity of Escape (Guernica Editions, 2008). As a physiologist currently completing his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, Johnstone’s work is informed by a scientific approach, his own corporeal environment and an exploration of “the unreliability of language, regardless of how it’s relayed.” 


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