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Misunderstandings Magazine Issue 14 launch

On July 22, Edward Nixon’s livewords reading series will host the launch of MM14 with readings from:

Nashira Dernesch
Guy Ewing
Eric Foley
Jerome Paul
Sheila Stewart
Sarah Teitel
Carleton Wilson
Elana Wolff 

+ a feature performance by Andrew McEwan reading from his first chapbook: Input / Output (Cactus Press, 2010).

The particulars:

Date: July 22, 2010
Time: 7:30 – 10:30 pm
Location: The Black Swan Tavern (154 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario)

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Help save This Ain’t The Rosedale Library!

On Saturday, June 19, Natalie Zina Walschots broke the news that one of Canada’s most beloved independent bookstores, This Ain’t The Rosedale Library, had been locked / threatened with closure due to unpaid back rent. Responding to public outcry within the Toronto literary community, the store’s owners, Charlie and Jesse Huisken, have weighed in on the situation:

“Our situation, which could be told as a long story about the plight of bookstores in Toronto and in many North American cities, is really quite a simple one. At our new location in Kensington Market we found a space with lower rent and overheads which thus represented an enticing solution to the difficulty of inflated rents facing many stores of our kind. For a year we worked in this space happily, until the recession hit with full force and we began to fall behind with our rent. Our response to this situation was similar to that of any small retail business. We bought shrewdly, held regular events, did book tables for small press launches, conferences and author appearances, did not invest in advertising, fixtures, signage or renovations, kept only minimal staff (the store has one part-time staff person), and most importantly worked full-time or more with long store hours, while drawing the absolute minimum for our own rent and expenses. In this way we were able, albeit very gradually, to pay our back-rent, and maintain an amicable relationship with out landlord. While the space presented a number of challenges, including our basement flooding whenever there was heavy rain, and though we heard many stories of rent reductions in our own neighborhood we were not offered this option, but continued none-the-less to enjoy working at the store and feel inspired by our customers’ enthusiasm for the books that we were selling. Quite suddenly this changed. Our landlord became impatient with the rate at which we were able to pay her and made demands for large repayments, without providing a precise accounting of what was owing. In light of our workload and the proliferation of other causes in this city, a fundraiser remained only an idea. Instead we responded to these unrealistic demands with an informal proposal which would not have been profitable to us, but to our landlord. We received only further demands which we attempted to meet within our resources until the locks were changed on Friday June 19th. We are once again offering our landlord a choice which would be beneficial to her and allow us to re-open our doors, and are hoping that the outpouring of encouragement from the public might influence our situation. Along with this we are seeking help with organizing a fundraiser, and we are accepting PayPal donations. As we were living day-to-day, as many small business owners do for years after opening or relocating, our own livelihood has been erased, and our present situation is very uncertain. None-the-less we have seen that many people value what we do and are eager to help us, and thus remain hopeful that a resolution is around the corner.

To donate to This Ain’t The Rosedale Library, visit their blog here.  It’s a worthy cause, as This Ain’t is truly a Canadian literary institution.

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2010 Lampert and Lowther Award Winners Announced!

The 2010 winners of the Gerald Lampert  and Pat Lowther Awards have been announced, and it looks like The House of Anansi is cleaning up. The victorious books are:

James Langer‘s Gun Dogs (Gerald Lampert Award)


Karen Solie‘s Pigeon (Pat Lowther Award)

Of course, Pigeon also took home the $75000 Griffin Poetry Prize last week, so it’s been a great year for Karen. My congrats to both, and to all the nominees.

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Rampike Magazine “Cultural Mischief” Launch Party

Rampike Magazine Vol. 19, No. 2 – “Cultural Mischief” issue! (Edited by Karl Jirgens)

Launch hosted by Edward Nixon as part of the livewords reading series.

Date: June 24th – Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The Black Swan (Toronto)
154 Danforth Avenue, 2nd floor,
(Just East of Broadview)

Featuring short readings by the following authors:

Gary Barwin, Greg Betts, Clara Blackwood, Margaret Christakos, Frank Davey, Adam Dickinson, John Donlan, Claudio Gaudio, Karl Jirgens, Jim Johnstone, Babar Khan, rob mclennan, Desi di Nardo, Edward Nixon, Concetta Principe, Jenny Sampirisi, Lara Solnicki, Lindsay Tipping & other special guests.

Free admission: cash bar & light refreshments served! Come one! Come all!


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