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Another Spring – A Renga in 27 Parts

Thanks to Sachiko Murakami for including me as one of the 27 poets involved in creating Another Spring, a renga written in response to the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. You can watch the video below. 

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Recommended Read: Guesswork

It’s poetry month, and as such I’ve purchased an inordinate amount of books, the best of which I’ve decided to recommend here over the remainder or April and into early May. I did something similar a while back (it’s hard for me to tell years apart these days, so it could have been 2009 or 2010), and was prompted to take up the practice again by the sheer brilliance of the first collection I’ll be featuring. Without belaboring any further, here’s the best collection of poetry I’ve read in 2011:

Jeffery DonaldsonGuesswork (Goose Lane, 2011)

I came by Donaldson on a tip from Marc di Saverio, so I have Marc to thank for Guesswork, an astonishing collection that jumps from hockey to John A. MacDonald to the origin of the book while still maintaining thematic unity. I was struck by Donaldson’s sense of rhythm and and the way in which he was able to surprise within a formal context. Check out Torso, an extended meditation on the headless sculpture of Apollo, for Guesswork at its finest.

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